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    11 Unforgettable Trips to Take Around China

    By Sponsored, August 22, 2021

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    8-Day Silk Road Journey

    291153245.jpgImage courtesy of Dragon Adventures

    Starting in Xining, the capital of Qinghai province, this tour takes in the Ta'er and Kumbum Monasteries, Xining Dongguan Mosque, Qinghai – China’s largest lake – Chaka Salt Lake, Zhangye Danxia Landforms, Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall, Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Mingsha Mountain, the Crescent Moon Spring and the colorful Rainbow Mountains. Explore stunning landscapes, eat delicious food and learn about amazing cultures.

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    8-Day Tibet Tour with Lhasa & Everest Base Camp

    Image courtesy of Joy Travel

    One should never miss the opportunity to visit Tibet; the culture and stunning landscape will leave you with unforgettable memories. This eight-day Adventure Tour of Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Mount Qomolangma (known in the West as Mt. Everest) takes in the highlight attractions on the roof of the world. You will visit the holy Potala Palace, majestic Sera Monastery and breathtaking natural landscapes like Yamdroktso Lake and Karola Glacier plus take a far view of the Holy Mother Qomolangma.

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    Yunnan Highlights Motorcycle Tour

    239463657.jpgImage courtesy of Tibetmoto

    Ride through one of China’s most beautiful provinces to discover previously untraveled regions, including the greatest highlights and motorcycling routes of China’s Southwest. In Yunnan, you can still get a feel for the authentic China, as it was before the transformation of recent decades. On the most pulse-quickening panoramic roads, take an adventurous ride through the subtropical Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lake Lugu and the old towns of Dali and Lijiang before heading deep into the Himalayas. Discover the full splendor of Himalayan passes in the Tibetan regions near Shangri-La, and enjoy awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped 6,740-meter Kawa Karpo Mountain. Explore China on a BMW motorcycle in a way that only few have done before.

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    5-Star Resort Luxury Lakeside Getaway

    Cover.jpgImage courtesy of Dragon Adventures

    Qiandaohu, or Thousand Island Lake, located west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province is a designated AAAAA scenic area, the highest level achievable in China. With more than a thousand islets scattered among its 573-square-kilometer water area, Qiandaohu is blessed with a superb natural environment and ever-enchanting scenery. There are also plenty of activities to do in the area, including hiking, cycling and kayaking, all while staying in a luxury hotel with delicious dinners and steaming hot springs.

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    6-Day Northern Xinjiang Tour

    Image courtesy of Joy Travel

    Xinjiang is a noble destination for travelers, enchanting people to pack bags with its name alone. This tour’s brilliant itinerary covers the sites of northern Xinjiang, taking you on a scenic adventure along the ancient Silk Road. With a local expert guide, as well as comfortable vehicles, you will discover beautiful lakes, rivers, hills, snowy mountains, deserts, woods and grassland and the exotic places of Urumqi, Burqin, Kanas, Hemu and Karamay.

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    Tibet Ride to Everest Base Camp


    Discover the highlights of the Roof of the World and Tibet’s ancient culture by motorcycle! This Everest Base Camp Motorcycle Tour will take you along curvy mountain roads to the vast Tibetan Plateau, the highest peaks on earth, to the shores of sacred azure-blue salt lakes and to spiritual sites deep in the Himalayas. Tackle dizzying 5,000-meter-high passes, visit the most important of all Tibetan monasteries and monuments and explore remote, half-forgotten places. Stay overnight at the base of the world's highest mountain, and enjoy sunset and sunrise views of 8,848-meter-high Mount Everest. This is guaranteed to be a bucket list adventure you’ll never forget.

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    Huangshan & Hot Spring Resort

    Image via Dragon Adventures

    Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of China’s major tourist destinations. Located in Anhui province, it is an absolute must-see destination in the country and has served as an inspiration for Chinese painters for hundreds of years, with its scenery of peculiarly shaped granite peaks, pine trees, hot springs, sunsets and views of the clouds from above.

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    5-Day Inner Mongolia Desert & Grassland Tour

    1509292315.jpgImage courtesy of Joy Travel

    Explore the endless blue sky, vast grasslands and nomadic tradition of ethnic Mongols. Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, live in a traditional Mongolian yurt and watch the sunrise over the Xilamuren Grassland. Try some desert activities like camel riding, sand sliding, glider flying and motor racing in the Kubuqi Desert. Visit Dazhao Monastery, the largest and most well-preserved lamasery in Hohhot and discover the Tibetan Buddhist Culture of Five Pagoda Temple.

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    Himalaya Horizon Sichuan Adventure


    Discover the hidden highlights of the Tibetan Himalayan areas in western Sichuan. This motorcycle tour takes you to remote and winding mountain roads, across high passes and into the areas of the Tibetan nomads. Highlights are the wide Haizi Lake Plateau at over 4,000 meters, the northern and southern Sichuan-Tibet Highway, with endless winding roads and, as a cultural highlight, the famous Dege printing press, where Tibetan sacred texts have been printed for centuries.

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    Gorgeous Sanqing Mountain Resort

    Image courtesy of Dragon Adventures

    Opened in May of this year, gorgeous Sanqingshan Radisson Resort specializes in villas located within exquisite mountain and forest scenery, allowing the soul and body to relax and breathe. Hike the Yunlian Waterfall Trail, eat delicious local food, hit the gym or take in the mountain views from the infinity pool.

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    7-Day Gannan Tibetan Culture Tour

    Image courtesy of Joy Travel

    Gannan, located in southern Gansu province, is renowned as ‘Small Tibet’ due to its rich Tibetan Buddhism influence. With an average altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level, you can experience Tibetan culture and enjoy the plateau scenery in comfort and without the risk of altitude sickness. Here you will see grand prairies, scattered lakes, monasteries, Tibetan villages, unique mountain peaks and hidden wonderlands.

    For More Information Click Here

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    [Cover image courtesy of Dragon Adventures]

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